We need your help

Will you help her? Every dollar counts! This 8 weeks old baby chihuahua /Min Pin mix was rescued today from a very high kill shelter in LA. She was found as a stray and then kept in the back all by her self in a small cage. When we found her she was crying out for attention and love.  Now that we have her we need your help to cover her medical costs and puppy needs. She has a small hernia and a skin condition, she will need surgery as well as medication and around the clock care. This is URGENT! We rely solely on donations to save all the lives we do, please help us help her. Click on the donate tab to contribute! Thank you.

Who We Are

The EDL Foundation is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping rescue and shelter animals. Founded by Jayde Nicole in 2013,  we seek to help educate people on animal adoption as well as save those abandoned and neglected pets that need medical care, food, and a comfortable home while they wait to find their permanent families.

Our Story

Between three and four million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in animal shelters in the United States alone. Even with hundreds of rescues across Los Angeles, the stray dog epidemic is still leaving animals on the streets without homes. We have joined the effort to help rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home some of these innocent dogs who were abandoned, abused or left on the streets. 

The demographic of homeless dogs is not necessarily what you may think. Did you know that one in four shelter dogs are purebred? Or that most animals in shelters are victims of circumstance? Often times ‘people problems’ like divorce, foreclosure, or changes in lifestyle lead to people giving up their pets.  These are great pets that just need a good home and somebody to love them.

Join Jayde and her dogs Pumpkin, Pepper, Peanut Butter, Monster and Snowflake, along with many others as we support those that unconditionally support us.